Kitchen Cleaning Tips


Cleaning your cooktop

That's right, it's time to clean the range. Are you ready? No? We can help with a few simple steps to get you through it. First, make sure all the controls are off and your oven and cooktop are cool.


Cooktop Cleaner

Use affresh™ Kitchen and appliance cleaner, which is a water-based cleaner, to clean the control panel on your range or oven. Just spray on a soft cloth or sponge (do not spray directly on the panel) and wipe clean.

Next up are the control knobs. Turn them to off and pull straight away from the control panel. Wash, rinse and dry thoroughly – do not soak or place your knobs in the dishwasher.

For tough, stuck-on food that may have spilled onto the cooktop, use affresh® Cooktop cleaner and a non-abrasive, plastic-scrubbing pad. Avoid a scratchy, steel wool scrubber or harsh cleanser as they could cause permanent damage to the finish.

Use a scrapping blade to remove any leftover food residue.