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affresh®  Washer Cleaner

#1 Recommended Washer Cleaner*

Over time, a sticky odour-causing residue can form in your washer, causing an unwanted odour. affresh® Washer cleaner penetrates deep into the machine, breaking up residue better than bleach.

The tablet's oxygenated cleaning action even circulates through hard-to-reach places such as the tub, hoses and pumps to keep your appliance performing its best.

Give odour and residue a swift kick with just one tablet, once a month.

How to Use**

1. Remove clothing or other items from your washer.  
2. Place one tablet of affresh® Washer cleaner directly in the washer tub - not in the dispenser,
3. Run a 'Clean Washer' cycle or a Normal cycle with the hot water setting. 

*Based on recommendation by the washer brands of Whirlpool Corporation, the owner and distributor of Affresh brand products.
**Be sure to consult your washer Use & Care Guide for additional care instructions.
***Septic tank safe.